Lee Health Provides $25,000 Grant to Lee Association for Remarkable Citizens

Lee Association for Remarkable Citizens (LARC) has been awarded a $25,000 grant from Lee Health to support LARC’s Wellness LAB (Learn, Achieve, Become).

LAB will offer an experiential learning environment for hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) that transforms traditional program areas into spaces for innovation, vocation, demonstration and learning. Five Labs will focus on skills for work and independent living and include Lab for Living, Wellness Lab, Smart Living Lab, Vocational Exploration Lab and Collaboration Lab.

The grant will support the Wellness Lab on LARC’s Fort Myers campus. The Wellness Lab provides a place to learn about healthy living, fitness, nutrition, oral health, advocacy, skills for self-care; all paramount to success in every day work and life.

“The goal of LAB is to prepare individuals with IDD for success and meaningful inclusion in our community,” said Kevin Lewis, LARC Executive Director. “That requires important skills that build upon each other. Not only vocational training, but self-care, managing their day to day environment, navigating technology, and interacting with others. We recognize each of these layers as crucial components to increased independence and empowerment.”

“Lee Health is committed to the well-being of every individual, focused on healthy living and maintaining good health. LAB’s innovative, person-centered approach will empower more individuals with IDD to live healthy lives,” said Chris Simoneau, Lee Health Chief Foundation and Development Officer. “LARC’s Wellness LAB reflects our goals and values and we look forward to this partnership.”

“We are honored to receive this grant from Lee Health, a respected health care leader in Southwest Florida,” said Angela Katz, LARC Development Director. “Lee Health’s generous support will allow us to better prepare the individuals we currently serve and future generations to live more independent, healthy, and fulfilling lives.”

To learn more about LARC and LAB, contact Angela Katz, Development Director at 239-334-6285 x229 or email angelakatz@larcleecounty.org or visit www.larcleecounty.org.