If using a GPS, use 3030 Evans Ave., Fort Myers, 33901

While LARC’s address is 2570 Hanson Street, you can only access our campus via Metro Parkway/Evans Avenue north – the directions below may help:


Coming from the south:
Proceed north on Fowler St., turn right onto Lee Tran Blvd (green sign on right on Fowler) just north of Parkway Street.  Turn left at the light onto SR 739 North (Metro/Evans Avenue), LARC will be on the left in 2/10ths of a mile –  driveway on left before Hanson Street.

Coming from the north:
Proceed south on Fowler Street, go past Hanson Street, turn left onto Metro Parkway/SR 739 (left turn lane provided at light). Stay to the left onto SR 729 North (Metro/Evans Avenue), LARC is 1/10th of a mile north on the left – driveway on left before Hanson Street.