Everything you need to know about LARC.


1. How do I find out more about services available, funding mechanisms etc?

In most instances, individuals wishing to apply for services should contact The Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Their address is 2295 Victoria Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901. Their telephone number is: 239-338-1370. There is also a statewide website: www.apdcares.org. The Fort Myers area is known as “Area 8,” or “The Suncoast Region.”

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) is an agency that can provide you with information for all sorts of service providers in the area, including LARC, Inc. They can help you understand what types of services are available, who the providers of such services are etc… They also can give you information pertaining to funding mechanisms available, waiting lists etc… Typically all programs in the area have fees for their services, so we always recommend this as the best starting point for individuals- to contact APD to see what funding, if any they qualify for, and/or what the waiting lists for funding mechanisms are like. Please be advised that there are significant waiting lists for available funding in Florida.

2. My son/daughter is on a Waiver program in another state, and we are thinking of moving to Florida and using those funds here. Is that possible?

In most instances, funding does not transfer from one state to another.  Instead, individuals wishing to receive services should contact the Agency for Persons with Disabilities at 2295 Victoria Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901. ph#: 239-338-1370 or website: www.apdcares.org to learn about funding options and requirements.

3. Are there fees for the services provided?

Yes.  There are fees for the services provided that align closely with those designated by the Agency for Person’s with Disabilities Home and Community Based Waiver program.

The services are not free.

4. My son/daughter is not on the Medicaid Waiver program. Is it possible to pay privately for services at LARC, Inc.?

LARC, Inc. does provide services where families pay privately in instances in which there is no funding available to them. So, no matter what APD tells you about the availability of funding mechanisms, that is still an option for you at LARC. It just doesn’t hurt to speak to them and see, in the event that you would qualify for funding.

5. My family is in Florida for only part of the year. Could we participate in LARC, Inc. programs when we are in Florida?

Yes. In these instances most individuals would not qualify for Medicaid Waiver funding, however families may elect to pay privately for services when in Florida.

6. Does LARC, Inc. provide services to children?

Most of the services offered by LARC, Inc. are for post school aged adults.

7. Does LARC, Inc. provide transportation services?

No. LARC, Inc. is not a transportation provider. However there are several transportation companies in the area that provide door to door transportation either through funding provided by the Medicaid Waiver program or through private pay arrangements.

8. I’ve spoke to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and would like to learn more about your program. What is my next step?

Once you speak to APD, you will have information as to whether or not there is any funding assistance available to you from APD. You can call LARC, Inc. at 239-334-6285 to learn more about the services available, and to set up a time to meet with applicable staff and/or set up a tour of the program.

9. What are your hours of operation?

LARC, Inc.’s Administrative offices are open from 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday. Depending on the service(s) you are interested in, the hours may vary. For example, the Adult Day Training program hours are roughly 8:00am – 3:30pm which differ from residential and community based programs which may be in operation 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.