Since 1954, LARC, Inc. has dedicated itself to meeting with quality and foresight the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families living in Lee County and northern Collier County. Our mission now, as it was then, is to empower and support people with disabilities and their families to achieve their full potential. LARC, Inc. accomplishes this mission through the provision of a continuum of award winning community based services, using timely, individualized, goal-oriented methods. LARC, Inc. offers vocational training, community residential services, and a vast diversity of other state-of-the-art community inclusion services on a full time, year round basis for local people with developmental disabilities. LARC, Inc. currently provides programs and services for approximately 300 local men and women annually. Many of these individuals participate in several of LARC’s various community programs.

LARC, Inc. has been working diligently for over six decades to educate the southwestern Florida community about developmental disabilities. We work continuously to fight prejudice and misconceptions regarding intellectual and developmental disabilities and educate the public to recognize a person’s abilities, rather than disabilities. Our efforts focus on helping all local people with disabilities live happier, fuller, and more productive lives in the community as independently as each is able…with full community inclusion.