Wish List Items


LARC, Inc. – Wish List items


  1. Covered Walkways remain a great need for getting clients to/from buses especially during rainy season.  Covered Sidewalks are needed in Quadrangle, to/from building entrances (including ADAPT,) along parking lot, and from ADAPT front door to protect from rain during consumer drop off and pick up times.  Covered Shelter with access to covered walkway for clients in wheelchairs to load and be unloaded from busses/cars when raining so they don’t get soaked.  Also, some covered benches would be helpful for times in which individuals are waiting for busses, to prevent people from becoming overheated in the hot sun while waiting.
  2. Small box truck to utilize for making product deliveries, to prevent loss of items that might fall out of the back of the pick up truck, or to prevent items from getting wet during raining season transport.
  3. Renovate cafeteria bathrooms.
  4. GPS for Woodshop and SubContract deliveries
  5. Faster Computers for all campus areas with access to server to access forms, internet and e-mail.
  6. Flat Screen monitors wherever not currently present, to include 2 for Bonita program
  7. More client computers available for use, with educational software for the classrooms.
  8. iPad – Touch screen types of interactive technology for client training etc…We are also frequently asked about iPad technology for teaching use with our clients by families and referral sources.
  9. Additional program vehicles (12 passenger van and mini vans) for client outings.
  10. Upgraded plumbing around campus
  11. Energy efficient air hand dryers in restrooms to reduce waste and paper towel use
  12. New more efficient, and industrial/commercial rated toilets throughout
  13. New water fountains throughout SubContract areas and Woodshop
  14. New vinyl type couches that are easily cleaned.
  15. New carpeting in Admin building, existing carpet is 25 years old.
  16. New vinyl type couches, furniture and flooring in ADAPT building.
  17. New washer and dryer – in Maintenance office
  18. Program supplies Training materials – ongoing
  19. Craft supplies Teaching supplies
  20. New digital cameras. Current camera has worn out. Two for group homes.
  21. LARC – Brochures updated – developed
  22. Flat screen TV in Lobby with rotating pictures/website etc
  23. Funds to cover entrance/admissions to community activities clients
  24. Painting and sprucing up around entire campus – interiors especially
  25. Hard wired fire alarm system that connects to and includes all campus buildings
  26. People/group to develop and build out new float design to include materials and labor needed.
  27. New office chairs and desks.
  28. Tree trimming on a regular basis.
  29. Assess garage doors in Woodshop paint room (1), and in old pallet room (2) for repair/replacement.
  30. Someone to head up the kiln/ceramic project – to include assessing and repairs to kilns donated, construction of firing room, set up for use.
  31. Improving floor in Building F maybe painting some large colorful design.
  32. New work tables and chairs all areas of Adult Day Training program.
  33. Funds to create/renovate ADAPT client changing room, to include purchasing an electronic Hoyer lift, a hydraulic changing/bathing table and removing wall between bathroom and middle sitting room, shelves/cupboards to make changing room functional.
  34. Repairs to walls/doors throughout ADAPT as a result of client behaviors and wheelchairs.
  35. Repairs to overall building as a result of water damage; new drywall throughout
  36. New industrial fans for use in Woodshop to keep area as cool as possible in the outside heat.
  37. Funds for purchase of 2-3 commercial grade pressure washers for use at LARC sites.
  38. Funds for perimeter fencing for entire LARC campus site.
  39. Funds for Bonita Springs Recreation Center memberships for all Bonita clients/staff to be able to use pool for activities.
  40. Funds for a new countertop and sink at the Bonita site.
  41. Funds to renovate ADAPT kitchen area.
  42. New microwaves in cafeteria, ADAPT and Bonita programs.
  43. Video camera systems and related software etc… for monitoring campus and Bonita programs.
  44. New layer of asphalt for basketball court.
  45. New layer of asphalt for parking areas and Woodshop lane.
  46. Permits, culvert and road to new building.
  47. Remove Australian Pines from property.
  48. Gutters, downspouts on all buildings.
  49. Health code compliant kitchen with commercial equipment.
  50. Electronic messaging sign – code compliant, engineered, permitted.
  51. Fund Raising Event Sponsors.
  52. Meeting microphones with ability to record audio.
  53. Northshore GH needs the following
    1. Replace soffits around entire house
    2. Repair/replace roof on garage side
    3. Replace carpeting–living room and bedrooms
    4. Replace tile in both bathrooms
    5. Replace kitchen and dining room floors
  54. Cape Coral GH needs sturdy lanai furniture